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Disrupting the life science ecosystem with the next generation of powerful clinical science solutions.
One platform for any device, mobile, cloud, and operating system.

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A perfect storm requires innovation to survive…


We are a life sciences technology provider. The life sciences industry is flooded with legacy platforms that are complicated, unable to scale and deploy quickly. This means that it takes more time and resources for organizations to meet customers’ needs, greatly increasing solution development costs.


We knew there had to be a better way; that’s why we developed snapIoT.  Our platform securely engages with mobile and medical devices, while collecting, analyzing and reporting on data in real-time.

Our technology is next generation, it is truly device, Cloud and operating system agnostic. This means you can connect any phone, smart phone, or medical device to our Cloud based platform without having to additional development.

A snapIoT deployment is 10 times faster than any other solution available in the industry today, which is critical when dealing with the life science industry where every second and every dollar matters in patient healthcare. The platform allows developers to “snap” together these devices seamlessly in a matter of minutes, not weeks and months.  And, snapIoT’s platform allows instantaneous changes to the network and connectivity.


SnapIoT provides a secure, scalable, mobile platform and cloud-based infrastructure enabling end-to-end connected Life Sciences and Healthcare Solutions that are tailored to the needs of medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and clinical research / pharmaceutical organizations.


SnapIoT connected-health mobile platform has an open device and operating system agnostic design with complete flexibility enabling Life Science, Healthcare and Clinical Research / Pharma companies rapidly and reliably deploy a vast range of use cases, including care monitoring, and connected clinical science consumer engagement.


SnapIoT offers multiple layers of security, authentication, encryption and access control to protect data in an FDA grade infra-structure. It transforms connected devices, smartphones and tablets into secure life science and healthcare grade components allowing capture and transmission of medical data on-the-go.