Disrupting the life science ecosystem with the next generation of powerful self-service clinical science solutions.
One platform for any device, mobile, cloud, and operating system.

snapClinical™ is a disruptive rapid mobile-connected technology-centric deployment platform for Clinical Trial solutions.

A perfect storm requires innovation to survive…

snapClinical™ securely connects with mobile and medical devices, while collecting, analyzing and reporting on data in real-time

Our mobile technology is next generation, it is truly device, Cloud and operating system agnostic. This means you can connect any smart phone and medical device to our Cloud based platform without having to spend any money on additional development.

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Why We Are Different

We are the only company that provides cost effective mClinical solutions with no development timelines.

snapClinical™ is a patented mobile technology-centric IoT Middleware and Application Enablement Platform.

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Our snapClinical™ platform changes the landscape of Clinical Trials by providing one powerful and flexible platform that effectively supports all the elements of a clinical trial, including:

Patient Recruitment / Enrollment And Engagement
Operational Management
Logistics for drug and medical devices
Digital Biomarker Collection
Smart-devices, smart phones and cloud connectivity management
Patient and outcome data collection and management