Our Platform

snapClinical™ is the only disruptive mClinical platform capable of providing CROs and Pharma companies with a self-service mClinical solution platform with no software coding required.

Our platform is backed by six core technology patents portfolio.

Platform Features

snapClinical™ is the only self-service mClinical platforms providing the industry with the most advanced, powerful, flexible, scalable and HIPAA-compliant secure solutions to support all the elements of any successful Clinical Trials.

Time To Market

snapClinical™ reduces development/deployment of mClinical solutions up to 10x across a wide range of connected devices and cloud systems.

Drag-And-Drop Development

Drag and drop interface allows for easy creation of workflows, processes, and mobile applications.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 Certification – secure and compliant.

Study Protocol

Design Your Study Protocol

The snapClinical™ workflow engine makes it incredibly easy to implement any study protocol with our simple but flexible drag-and-drop flow diagram style editor. Workflows can be saved and stored for reuse along with our extensive library of pre-made validated workflows.

User Interface Design

Drag-And-Drop Design Studio for Mobile Applications

Gone are the days of conforming to templates or painstakingly developing a custom UI for multiple platforms. The snapClinical™ design studio allows you to simply drag-and-drop customizable UI components which are automatically compiled into native iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps upon deployment.


Simulate Clinical Trials Before Deployment

Web preview functionality allows users to preview and simulate the entire patient journey and experience throughout the clinical trial before deployment.

Agnostic Deployment

Deploy To Every Device With One Click

snapClinical is the only mClinical platform that is truly device, operating system and cloud agnostic. Our proprietary engine automatically builds native iOS, Android, and desktop versions of your mClinical applications.

Workflows & Templates

Prebuilt Validated Instruments

Expedite the development process by implementing some of our workflow and design templates. Instantly drag-and-drop any of our countless premade components into your app, including ePRO tools, validated health devices, survey flows, and much more.



Increase patient retention and engagement by dragging and dropping gamification modules into your app. Studies have shown that implementing gamification strategies can increase both engagement and retention. Patients can earn points, or badges which can equate to monetary rewards or other prizes.

Implement Medical Devices

Implement Medical Devices

Easily integrate any medical device into any study protocol. Consolidate health data from smartphones, smart watches, and third-party apps you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place.

Flexible Business Model

snapClinical™ offers a flexible business relationship that provides clients with options for engagement from snapIoT providing full turnkey supply of any mClinical platform providing complete DIY / self-service empowerment and capabilities.

Complete Turnkey
Shared Development
Complete self-service
  • Create and publish complete mClinical solutions
  • Wireframes
  • IRB Package
  • Validation
  • Documentation
  • snapClinical user License
  • Software maintenance and updates
  • snapUniversity training program and certification
  • Support
  • Other products or services as needed