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Eliminate paper-based methods and digitally enroll participants from the privacy of their own homes.



Use customized questionnaires to digitally qualify patients and determine the perfect candidates for your clinical trial. Utilize all types of questions from data entry, multiple choice, dropdown, scales, etc. and let the system automatically determine eligibility.



Break down the informed consent form into smaller, user-friendly segments of information. Use videos and compelling imagery to enhance patient understanding and allow them to make better informed decisions. Ensure patients understand the information with comprehension checks. Collect digital signatures and reduce document management.



snapClinical can be configured to support patient randomization. The system automatically randomizes patients into multiple arms as dictated by the trial protocol.


Communication seamlessly integrated into the patient’s daily life



Tailor your mobile application text and button size to your patient demographic. Utilize visual scales for descriptive symptom reports and improved patient experience.


Notifications & Reminders

Send notifications to remind patients to take their medication, complete a diary entry, or attend an upcoming appointment. Geolocation boundaries will automatically alert patients when they enter one of your site locations and prompt them to digitally complete any necessary ePRO forms or surveys.


Badges & Gamification

Utilize gamification to maintain awareness and improve the performance of patient activity levels and motivate them to continue engaging in their clinical trial. Reward patients with points or badges which may equate to monetary rewards or other prizes. Payments can be automated through our third-party payment and gift card integrations.


Facilitating clinical trial participation with ease


Simple is Better

As therapeutic areas under research become rarer and target markets expand globally, patient convenience and access become crucial elements in successful enrollment and engagement. Patient convenience and access are the goals of snapIoT’s telemedicine solution. snapIoT's proprietary, feature-rich, native Telemedicine capability accomplishes these elements while being simple for clinical trial coordinators to implement, easy for clinical trial participants to use, and is secure in operation. 


Easy Implementation

snapIoT incorporates Telemedicine natively in both the client (iOS and Android mobile devices, web browsers) applications used by patients and clinicians, and the cloud-based server. Easily enable Telemedicine with a simple Drag & Snap of the Telemedicine module in snapClinical’s Workflow Engine. snapClinical automatically builds the corresponding mobile device and web applications with Telemedicine-enabled screens including simple buttons such as "Call for Help" or "Visit Doctor" that invoke the Telemedicine user interface. 


Support Whenever and Wherever

Connect remote patients with support services and site clinicians. Telemedicine allows clinicians to virtually communicate with patients, via audio/video and text, in real-time regardless of their locations. Enable the telemedicine module during any stage in the trial from Pre-Screening, Qualification, Consent, and during surveys to allow patients to address any questions they may have during the trial. snapClinical provides a powerful scheduling feature for staff to show their schedule and availability, allowing the patient to select the when they desire to speak to staff or any outsourced partner.


Secured Communication

Telemedicine support is embedded in the HIPAA-compliant SnapClinical platform Server, and all communications are routed through it via encrypted tunnels using the latest industry-standard security protocols. This ensures that any PHI discussed or shared during every Telemedicine session remains secure within the SnapClinical platform system.

Data Capture & Compliance

Capture patient data easily with snapClinical™ Middleware Software Component.

Data Capture & Compliance


Harness the full benefits of electronic data capture by designing symptom severity or quality of life surveys that run on any phone, tablet and portal. Real time access to diary data ensures entries are made as scheduled, and not in a batch immediately before the clinic visit.

Data Capture & Compliance


The main goal of a clinical trial is to collect accurate outcome data either reported by the patient or the clinical staff. To ensure quality control, data is validated upon entry, minimizing the need for follow up queries. Restricting access to specific time frames and automatic date/time stamps means true compliance can be documented.

Data Capture & Compliance

Recording Symptoms

Patients can take a video or a still image to record symptoms via their mobile device. Video and images are uploaded to the cloud server for immediate review by the trial administrator.

Data Capture & Compliance

Mobile Devices

Use both BYOD and Provisioned devices and deploy as native iOS, Android, and HTML5. Scale your app to any mobile device or instrument and have the flexibility to operate in any layout or orientation. Collect data in real time from any medical devices or the patient’s own internet-enabled device.

Mobile Device Management

Sponsors, CROs and study teams can now easily manage smartphones and smart devices used by clinical research patients around the globe.

Mobile Device Management

Managing Smartphones & Smart Devices

As smart devices are increasingly being utilized to drive data capture and maintain compliance, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) module allows for enhanced data security and improved productivity for clinical trials.

The snapIoT MDM solution makes managing any smart device in any clinical trial easy and efficient by aggregating multiple features in one place. MDM features include: patient compliance monitoring & alert, application control, location services, remote data wipe out, and reporting and storage of essential information.

Mobile Device Management

MDM Advantages

  • Time-Saving Automation

    Automate installation of apps and services.

  • Trial Configuration

    Configure trial-specific policies and configurations remotely; updates are sent Over-the-Air (OTA).

  • Customized Applications

    Configure policies on devices, e.g. blacklisting non-enterprise apps during clinical trials to mitigate risks of data collection and security.

  • Achieve Compliance

    Adherence to complex compliance standards including GDPR and HIPAA, as well as other standard frameworks that may be introduced.

  • Enhanced Security

    Protect trial data on mobile devices during offline mode.

  • Mobile Endpoints

    Manage endpoints via the MDM module of snapClinical, such as ensuring battery life is sufficient and ensuring data is being regularly collected in accordance with the trial protocol.

  • Smart Device Usage - Patient Compliance & Alert

    Patient compliance & alert for using smart devices such as last time the device was used by patient, sending alerts to patients if they forget to use the smart devices.

Mobile Device Management

MDM Features

  • BYOD Device support
    • Uniquely deploys as native iOS, Android and HTML5 (leverages the smartphone’s native sensors and features)
    • Device Operating System (OS) agnostic
  • Provisioned Device Support
    • GCF certification report.
    • Track smartphones and smart devices.
    • Remote device wipeout.
    • Blacklist non-enterprise applications.
    • Monitor device battery and power management.
    • Inventory management.
    • Spare device support for replacing or repairing lost/broken devices.
    • Patient compliance report for smart devices.
    • Automatically send alerts (SMS, Push Notification, In-App messaging, email) to patients not complying with smart device usage.

We are contracted to “deploy” around the globe with both BYOD and provisioned models

Deploy MDM in your Clinical Trial

Reports & Insights

All the right information in a centralized location

Reports & Insights

Trial Overview

See custom dashboards and reports on all aspects of a clinical trial including patient recruitment, enrollment, engagement, medication adherence, and more.

Reports & Insights

Real-Time Reports

Review comprehensive analytics on both patients and site locations. See the location of all participating patients via customizable dashboards. Reports include appointment histories, gamification results, notifications, survey results, electronic case report forms, and more. Export data in multiple formats to what is most convenient for you.


Envision a network of connected devices that sense vital data in real time.


Smart Medical Devices

Smart wearable devices, home-use medical devices, point-of-care testing kits and sensors provide up to the minute health information for patients and medical professionals. All data gets sent to the snapClinical cloud for instant analysis and compliance testing.

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Connectivity Middleware

Our connectivity middleware allows users to share data with snapClinical. Consolidate health data from smartphones, smart watches, and third-party apps you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place.

Third Party Integration

snapClinical’s connectivity middleware brings powerful and seamless integration of services.

  • EDC
  • Translation
  • BT/BLE Medical Devices
  • Payment Systems
  • Medical/Clinical Labs
  • Electronic Signature Systems
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Deep Machine Learning
  • Beacon & Sensor Integration